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Jenny in Clyde Hill

"After interviewing almost a dozen local roofing companies I decided to select Chris and his team for our roof replacement project. During our first meeting, I was almost certain that I had found the right professional for the project, especially because no one else bothered to climb into our hot and dusty attic to inspect before giving us a quote. By going above and beyond, Chris saved us several thousand dollars as he found out there was already an existing layer of plywood under my old cedar shingles. Chris was very knowledgeable about the products his company represented, and extremely patient when explaining the installation processes and the post installation maintenance options. During the construction phase, his crew members were very professional and they did a wonderful job. After the installation, we found a few minor cracks on the dry wall near the skylights. Chris sent back a professional dry wall guy and did all the patching and painting needed. Overall, I rated their service at 5-stars and I will give 6-stars if I could. I would highly recommend Chris and his team to anyone who has roofing related project as you won’t be disappointed with the quality and value you will get!

Thanks Chris for your efforts."

Stephen in North Bend

"We developed a slow leak in our roof that suddenly became a steady stream of water through a kitchen vent. We were completely puzzled as to the source of the leak, and after an initial review ourselves and an attempt to tar our way out of the problem, could not figure it out.

We called Chris and asked him for a quote. He was up in the attic in no time, peeked around, and in about ten minutes discovered the cause as well as the symptoms. We had a leak all right, a rotted spot in one of the plywood sheets that would have to be replaced, caused by an improperly installed vent, but also every one of our vents on the back of the house were improperly installed, and every single plywood sheet was liable to rot and leak in the same way.

We got excellent references for Chris, so we hired him to do the work. He considered it would be about 2 days of work, but on the scheduled day his team came out in the morning to bring the supplies, then in the afternoon the roofing team came out and in the space of four hours completely replaced the roof on the back half of the house, and completely cleaned up so well I found only one small inch square piece of roofing paper that had flown across the yard into a potted plant. Nothing was damaged in the load out, installation, or clean up, and the roof is keeping us safe and dry.This was excellent, professional, reliable, and courteous service. I am hoping we don't have to hire a roofer again soon, but if we needed to, we'd be sure to look again to hire Chris and his team."

Stacey in Renton

"My experience with Chris and his team has been outstanding.  At our initial meeting, Chris was professional, knowledgeable and very informative.  He explained and with actual materials showed me the process of how my roof would be built and replaced - amazing!  The roofing crew was efficient and did a fabulous job. I came home on the completion day to a spotless driveway and yard. Their cleanup was fantastic.  You would have never believed a roofing crew had just spent 2 days tearing off and replacing my roof.  The workmanship and quality materials they use have left me with a final product of a beautiful new roof. I would highly recommend Chris Wolf for your roofing needs. Thank you ! You all did a great job!"

John in Monroe

"First of all, I shop around and I usually get the best value for my money for maintaining high-quality.  This is the second time I’ve worked with Chris. Each time he provided excellent service, great quality work, and timely product. Where he really stands out however is the service provided at the cost paid. He makes sure the job is done right and they communicate the entire process. You’ll never be left wondering where workers are, when the job is getting done, or about any problems along the way. This is the second time working with Chris and he exceeded my expectations. Thank you."

Katherine in Bellevue

"I was worried about possible roof damage after a wind storm and also concerned about a water spot on the ceiling. I called Chris on Thursday late afternoon. He responded right away and scheduled an inspection on Saturday. Chris showed up on time with a professional appearance. He carefully examined the ceiling and related areas, and very honestly told me the water spot was an old stain that should not be a problem. He then took a look on the entire roof, checked on any missing pieces, and checked the condition of the roof. Gave me some guidelines on how to maintain a cedar shake roof. Finally, I was told my roof is still in good shape for quite a few years to go. All the services I received were free. Chris is very nice, friendly, enthusiastic and has great knowledge. I really appreciate his honesty and kindness. He is definitely a trustworthy person. And I know who to find next time when I need a roof replacement. If you need roof work, you should contact them. You will be amazed!"

Qun in Bellevue

"Chris and his team did an excellent job! We are very pleased with our new roof; the color looks wonderful and matches with our brick wall very well. At our initial meeting, Chris was professional, knowledgeable and very detail oriented. He explained the entire roof replacement process and showed us different types of materials. When the supplier couldn’t deliver the shingle material on-time, he tried very hard to find another supplier and still managed to start our project on-time. Kudos to the team of workers. They all were very polite, friendly, professional and helpful when we had questions. The workers showed up on time; immediately began work and worked long hours under hot summer weather. The day when they left, it was like they had never been there - all the debris had been removed and they cleaned our driveway and backyard as well! Others in the neighborhood love our roof as well. As a result, my neighbors also got quotes from Chris and are planning on using the company. Highly recommend Chris and his team, great value with high quality job!!!"
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