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Mission & Vision

Solving problems and completing projects to the highest standard

Life is a strange thing. You only get so much of it, and during that time you have to do something to pay the bills and keep food on the table. What do you do?


Here at Wolf & Wolf, we decided that our day job is more than just a business. This is our chance to be the change we wish to see in the world. To treat people with respect. To hold ourselves to high standards. To run a fiscally responsible organization that pays it bills on time. To be a business that offsets its greenhouse emissions. To be a business that cares about its impact on future generations.


We envision our business as an organization that creates abundance for everyone in the community. Through our success, other companies will see that in the long run, profitability and sustainability are mutually beneficial. Other communities will also become enriched as more organizations embrace responsible business to create sustainability. Ultimately, we want to create a better world for the next generation and for the work we do along the way to be meaningful.

Our Core Values - P to the 6th Power


Our business is a people business first and foremost so taking care of people is our number one priority. When we take care of each other, everyone has what they need.


Planet-conscious and community-focused. We re-use and recycle whenever possible in our business. At the end of the year, we audit net waste and emissions from our operations and we offset those amounts through positive climate action.

We work with more than just customers and markets. We work with friends, neighbors, and our local community. We operate in a way that is in line with our values which enriches our lives, those of our team members, and in turn, cultivates connection in our community.


Profit is opportunity realized. It is also the result of hard work executed well. Generating profit is essential to feeding our families and paying our rents and mortgages and is crucial to long-term stability for the business.


Getting things right and being on time are the essence of how we want to be in the world. We operate with precision out of respect, but also because we hold ourselves to high standards.


Deliver what you promise to everyone. A simple idea that goes a long way towards creating better relationships, smoother projects, and the best customer experiences. We stand by our word.


About Us

Wolf & Wolf is a family-owned and community-focused local business here in western Washington. We offer services to homeowners, entrepreneurs, and working professionals through our three main divisions: construction, real estate, and consulting.

As you may have guessed, Wolf & Wolf is led by a husband and wife pair who balance each other out well. Christine and Chris are from other corners of the country. They each moved here individually, met as Seattle residents (but at the Phoenix airport), and fell in love. Now with a family of four you could say they're quite settled and this is home.


When they're off the clock, Christine and Chris love to spend time with family, go on adventures (near and far), play board games, attend concerts, and relax at cabins in remote places. They were both athletes growing up and still get out there from time to time. Christine has a vast knowledge of crystals and gems, and is learning jewelry making. Chris loves to watch basketball and soccer, write poetry, and play hand drums. And they both love to ski.


Many things bring us together, but Wolf & Wolf has coalesced around shared beliefs in positive action, community involvement, and business as a force for good in a sustainable world. We hope to inspire other businesses to be more sustainable while still providing valuable services to their local economies. We hope to enrich and enliven our local community while we work. And we're definitely having fun along the way.

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